EMA is going to Budapest

After months of research and weeks of preparation, EMA is finally going to Budapest. 

You may ask - Why Budapest? - Well, it isn’t a secret that Ealy Mays is fascinated by the countries of Eastern Europe. I remember his first exhibition I saw in Paris, it was in 2012 and the exhibition was named Soviet Donuts. First of all, Ealy is a narrative artist, so he paints what he sees. He is a child of the Cold War, he was 5 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and as a small boy participated at his funeral. This experience has affected his life and we can still see it in his artwork. It does not come as a surprise that as an American artist, he has a lot to say about our common history. 

But let's go back to Budapest. In September 2016, Ealy and I went to a short Euro-trip. We left Paris to go to Berlin, then Krakow, and our last destination was Budapest. We loved the city from the very first minute. Budapest enchanted us with its elegance and dignity. We didn’t expect that the city’s beauty could compete with Paris’s. But it did, and on top, there were lovely people all around, and quality places, where we enjoyed good coffee and a rich cultural life. What more would we want.  Our host in Budapest, EMA team member and good friend Timea didn’t have to convince Ealy to organize a show there. Ealy always thought of Eastern European countries as the old countries with new possibilities - if you are looking for something new, don’t be afraid to check in old books. We spent a few days to explore the city and decided that we are having an art show next year. After a few months, now we are packing Ealy's paintings and leaving soon. Wish us good luck and hopefully see you in Budapest. 

Barbara ~BB 



From Thursday 19th July until Monday 31st July, 2017


Pinter Gallery

Budapest, 1055, Falk Miksa utca 10

Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Saturday from 10am to 14pm